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The Loch Ness Scavenger Hunt



Have you ever heard about the Loch Ness mystery? Do you know where this lake is? What is the name of the monster? Is this lake big, small…? Well, time has come for you to find out! You are about to do a scavenger hunt, using the websites provided, you will learn a lot about this famous lake. Let’s get started!


You are about to do a Scavenger Hunt about the Loch Ness, please follow the instructions and answer the questions in a word document which you will hand in when required.

Web Resources:





The Lake

1 Where is Loch Ness? Name the villages and places on Loch Ness.

2 How much does Loch Ness measure?

3 How much water does it hold?

4 What rivers feed Loch Ness?

5 How much water does a 15 minute rain add to the Lake?

6 Does Loch Ness ever freeze?


1 When did the Loch Ness Monster first appear?

2 Why did the residents around the Loch use to tell their children stories about a monster?

3 When was the first recorded sighting of the creature?

4 When was the first picture taken? Who took it? Where?

5 Why is the photo taken by Robert Kenneth Wilson so important?

6 When did the first attempt to find the monster start?

7 What is the greatest piece of evidence for the Loch Ness monster? When was it taken? By whom? List the fish living in the lake and describe them.

The fish

List the fish living in the lake and describe them

Learn more:

If you wish to learn more about the Loch Ness, visit the following websites:





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